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đã có những bước tiến vững chắc răng thiếu máu tại chỗ vì kiến thức can thiệp không đau ở phần trước khẩu cái tỉ lệ thành công cao . We know candy can lead to tooth decay or alcohol can cause yellow teeth. But there seem to be other foods that seem to be harmless but can affect teeth if they are eaten regularly. This is the advice of the dentist about the foods you should avoid to protect your strong teeth. This step will help the test be more accurate, serve for diagnosis and treatment planning, anticipate better time and give the best treatment. In mild inflammatory phase, the doctor will shave teeth and combine with dental care, mouthwash and some medications to monitor the progress of the disease. If the disease is developing, the doctor will usually fill your teeth to prevent bacteria from entering, making the inflammation worse. Kết quả hình ảnh cho Teeth If the disease has reached a critical stage, the doctor will order tooth extraction and advice on dental restoration methods. Sunflower seed "The sunflower itself does not harm the chewers, but the skin of sunflower seeds is a problem," said Tyrone Rodriguez, a Washington state dentist. vietnam dentist prices "The hulls of sunflower seeds are very hard," he explains, "and you've had some teeth hurt by chewing seeds and sunflower seeds." If you still like this kind of nuts, choose the shelled type. Ice Dentists recommend not putting ice cubes in your drink. It is a bad idea to chew ice cubes because both enamel and ice are made from crystals. Matthew Messina, a dentist in Fairview Park, Ohio, explained: "When these two crystals collide with a strong enough force, one of them will break." He also pointed out: "If ice can break the highway, imagine what it can do with your teeth." Saigon Vietnam dental implants Fresh water and soda "If it's sugar free, it does not mean it's acidic," Rodriguez said. Some sweeteners and soda contain citric acid which can damage the enamel. "Once your tooth enamel is gone, it will never be recreated," says Genaro Romo, a Chicago dentist. When this protective film loses, your teeth will be susceptible to tooth decay, chipped or sensitive to many other foods and beverages. Dried fruit Dried fruits contain more fiber and vitamins. "Drying and dehydrating the fruit, sugar and acid will build up, and the fruit will solidify," explains Rodriguez. Dried fruits can stick to the grooves and crevices in your teeth, causing the bacteria to accumulate and grow there. Acids produce acid, destroy tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. Vitamin supplements "People often think gum is normal," Rodriguez said. But sweeteners and vitamins in gums also harm teeth like a normal candy. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất "Instead of chewing gum, you can add liquid vitamins to your drinks or food," Rodriguez says. Snack potato Alice Boghosian told the American Dental Association: "Potato buns are also silent killers." Like dried fruit and gum, they cling to your teeth without knowing it. " Starch in potato is converted to sugar and sugar becomes acidic. If you want to enjoy the buns, make sure they are washed with water several times. "As a dentist, I recommend that when you finish eating, be sure that nothing is sticking to your teeth." Dental hygiene after eating them is also a way to protect your teeth. cấy răng implant

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