chỉ có điều chưa tìm được một môi trường răng

chỉ có điều chưa tìm được một môi trường răng các vấn đề về răng thì bảo tồn răng nên, khi trẻ đang trong giai đoạn phát luôn is very simple in its implementation and cost savings to the optimal level.Chewing gum should be sugar-free candy to prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is able to stimulate saliva secretion, enhances enamel regeneration, reduces bacteria and food plaque, inhibits the formation of acid that causes tooth decay. Clean the toothbrush Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, try to brush thoroughly, can use dental floss to get food particles out of the gums. Use mouthwash to remove foul odor and bacteria. Vitamins are essential for a healthy teeth. To boost saliva secretion, you need to eat more fiber-rich foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables. The best things are apples, bananas, corn, and peas. Hình ảnh có liên quan Currently there are a lot of fillers for very good results, but amalgams and composites are the two most commonly used materials. The advantages that it brings both aesthetics and durability are undeniable. vietnam dentist prices To fill the teeth with amalgam Amalgam is a sealant that has been around for a long time, about 100 years ago and it is still the most widely used filler because of the advantages it does not have. Which can be overcome. Amalgam is a material made up of mercury and other metals such as silver, copper, tin. It is a very effective sealant for teeth deficiencies that require high strength such as molar. . Highlights of this method of welding is cheap, durable materials should be after the filling process, the seal will retain a long tooth. This is the most outstanding advantage that makes this sealant is always the choice of most people for a long time to now. However, the aesthetics of this filling material is not high, so it is often used for filling crowns, which require a certain strength. Composite toothpaste Saigon Vietnam dental implants Composite dental fillings are used in cases where the teeth are mildly absent and need aesthetics, especially the incisors. This is a new filling material, but it quickly won the trust of the user by the durability and especially the aesthetics, the results of welding as real teeth filling. Distinguish between amalgam filler and composite filler About filling materials cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất Amalgam and composite fillings can be added to the missing tissue of the tooth in the same form. Because the materials are in the same form and are directly welded to the teeth. Amalgam is a sealant that has outstanding strength in strength, which has been used for more than 10 years. However, this filling material does not guarantee the aesthetics of the color of the brush, when the toothbrush can easily find the filler, so the amalgam filling material is often used to fill jaw teeth, teeth need high strength. Composite is often used to fill the front door because it ensures very high aesthetics, it has the same color as real teeth, so with slight defects on the teeth it perfectly fits and promotes its advantages in a dark way. multi. cấy răng implant

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