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giống như quân sư của cô răng Vi khuẩn ẩn trong mảng bám ảnh hưởng đến trong bữa ăn tiếp theo common that everyone is at risk. Tooth decay, if not treated in time, can cause serious complications such as gingivitis, gingivitis, tooth inflammation, tooth loss. What is the cause of this phenomenon? How to overcome tooth wear? What is tooth decay? Tooth decay also known as root canal erosion is commonly referred to as root canal erosion. It is a phenomenon where the tooth enamel of the gingival margin is eroded to form indentations while the rest of the tooth is completely filled. often. Hình ảnh có liên quan Tooth decay is not only detrimental to the aesthetics of the smile but also to the painful, sensitive, sensitive teeth when eating hot and cold foods are very uncomfortable, much affect. to the chewing function vietnam dentist prices Dentures deeper into the teeth more often cause more severe inflammation of the marrow than marrow, stomatological abscess, tooth loss. Causes of tooth decay: Improper brushing causes tooth decay Improper brushing, brushing horizontally, using hard bristles and abrasive toothpastes irritate the gingiva and exposing the root, and this tooth enamel continues. Long-term impact will cause tooth wear. Do not shave tartar. One of the main causes of tooth decay Saigon Vietnam dental implants The crown buildup more and more over time to push the gums off the root of the tooth deep in, the teeth are easily prone to wear by acid in saliva and food when eating daily. Eating habits can cause corneal wear faster than 20% Frequent eating habits, continuous acidic foods, high acidity such as orange juice, lemon juice, ... easy to make teeth wear quickly. Genetic and pathological forms of teeth can also lead to tooth decay Tooth decay can also occur when a person has congenital weak enamel or is suffering from conditions such as calcium deficiency, gastroesophageal reflux, etc. can also cause tooth erosion. How to overcome tooth wear / worn out? cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất Depending on the condition and level of tooth erosion, your dentist will recommend appropriate treatment. Coronary disease usually occurs in two stages: Aesthetic filling when worn at a light period: At this stage, the crown of the teeth has not been eroded much, the appearance of the muzzle but not deep into the crown, the pulp has not been damaged. Corneal erosion at this stage can be seen clearly, but without causing severe pain, can be easily restorated by aesthetic filling method. Advantages of cosmetic fillings: - Do it quickly Low cost High aesthetics, natural color filling materials such as real teeth are "filled" into the holes, holes are worn on the teeth to help regenerate the enamel intact. Completely eliminates abrasion that affects the quality of the teeth cấy răng implant

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