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người ta nói mình nhiều quá răng các nhân với bê một số khó khăn này liên quan đến việc lấy mẫu vi khuẩn về nuôi cấy những khó khăn bao gồm a method of replacing lost teeth by inserting titanium metal posts on the jaw instead of the missing teeth, then making a porcelain snap on the implants. Depending on the bone structure, the number of implants implanted and the client's desire for a dental implant (or bridgework) is firmly fixed to the jaw with different prosthetic techniques. This solution helps solve the problem of chewing and aesthetics much better than other methods previously. However, for this method to succeed and help implant effective, patients should follow the note of specialist. This condition will lead to tooth loss. Hình ảnh có liên quan So what is implant? Implant is a technique to implant a small pillar of titanium into the jawbone and this small pillar will "connect" to the jawbone, acting as a root. The stem implanted in the jaw is perfectly suited to natural physiology, not harmful to the body. When the jaw bone structure and posture are stabilized, a porcelain ceramic resembles a real tooth that will be attached to it. The advantages of this technique are: good chewing function; no damage to the other teeth; prevent the loss of bone function affect the face; Feeling confident as the real teeth; Not as uncomfortable as many other dental treatments such as spitting or grinding teeth; Implants can last a lifetime. cấy răng implant Should Implants - Dental Implants? Dental implants have had more than 40 years of success with over 95% success rates, much higher than bridges (85% success rate). Dental implants last as long as real teeth, in some cases, the force of the dental implants is higher than the teeth. Implant procedures There are two stages: implant implants and prosthetic implant. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất Implant procedure consists of 2 steps: clinical examination and treatment planning; The doctor looks at the overall health of the entire body, then general dental examination for the client. CT imaging is used to determine the quality and quantity of bone, which is determined by the need for bone grafting or sinus lift. What to do after implants? Drink cold water and do not eat until the end of the anesthetic (numbness is numb). Avoid drinking hot water or hot food the first day and do not rinse too well in the surgical area. Exercise exercises should be avoided for 48 hours after the surgery (jogging / bodybuilding). Saigon Vietnam dental implants Swelling is a normal reaction after surgery and will increase more in the morning after an evening of sleep. Swelling will decrease after 48 hours. The swelling after surgery can be reduced with ice cream on the first day, the pacemaker is applied for up to 10 minutes and repeated after 20 minutes. After 24 hours, lightweight bags can be effective. Should sleep high (2-3 pillow). Pain is the inevitable response after surgery. If you have pain within a few days of surgery, this can be controlled with pain medication. You can take the first dose of analgesic before the end of the anesthetic. If the pain gets worse in the two days after surgery, you may contact your dentist. vietnam dentist prices

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