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Công chúng là những người răng. phát âm để xác định theo phương pháp này sự phát âm s tương ứng với khoảng hở phát âm tốt thiểu khi phát âm s lưỡi có vị o nhất có thể trong khi nói kéo thân xương hàm dưới theo vị that has stopped growing and developing, the bone becomes stiffer. The growth and development of the lower jaw in the wisdom teeth phase goes downwards and upwards. On the other hand, modern soft diets reduce the growth of the jaw. These factors contribute to the imbalance between the teeth and the size of the jaw bone, leading to the condition or ingrown-up of the wisdom teeth.Stiff teeth in the jawbone or gums, the process of teething will put pressure on the bone and gums combined with food stored under the gums on the wisdom teeth cannot be cleaned. This leads to inflammation, pain and infection.Wisdom teeth grow at the wrong angle, creating an unusually narrow groove with adjacent teeth. This causes food cramping and bacterial deposition. The posterior position of the wisdom teeth in the mouth can hardly be cleaned with a toothbrush and dental dental implants floss leading to tooth decay and adjacent gum disease.Teeth pressure can cause tooth decay of adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth can degenerate into tumors, cysts in the jaw bone, weakening the jaw.The best time to extract wisdom teeth is from 18 to 25 years old, when the root teeth formed two thirds. At age 35, surgery to remove wisdom teeth will be difficult because of the dentist prices hard and thick bone. On the other hand, some systemic and local factors also do not allow interventional wisdom extraction. Healing process, postoperative also long and unfavorable.When teething causes painful, repetitive or cystic complications, affects the adjacent teeth.- When wisdom teeth do not cause complications, but between the wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth trồng răng implant không đau with food fracture, the future will affect the next tooth, there is also indicated wisdom tooth extraction to prevent complications.Wisdom teeth are straight, full of space, unobstructed by bones and gums, but without the opposite teeth, which causes the wisdom teeth to protrude into the opposite jaw. This creates a ladder between the wisdom teeth and the adjacent teeth, cramping the food răng implant the gum disease of the opposite jaw.Wisdom teeth are straight, full of space, unobstructed by bones and gums, but the shape of the wisdom teeth is small, deformed, crammed with food on the side, causing tooth decay and periodontitis. side teeth.cắm ghép implant

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